Component 3: Strengthening policy management, coordination and monitoring capabilities at the center of government

The Federal Government seeks to significantly improve their ability to develop policies and oversee policy and program implementation at the Cabinet level. The project will selectively target its support towards capacity development in key areas of policy development and monitoring. This Component will have three sub-components:

Sub-Component 3.1: Strengthening capacity for aid coordination and monitoring and evaluation of the Somali Compact

The sub-component will provide support to the following activities:

  1. Strengthen the capacity of the Aid Coordination Unit (ACU) in the Ministry of Planning (Federal Government) to serve as efficient and effective Secretariats of the SDRF;
  2. Strengthen the technical capabilities of the ACU to collect, curate, analyze and publish aid data in an open and accessible format and record aid against the government’s chart of accounts;
  3. Strengthen M&E capacity in government to enable the FGS and international community to track progress of implementation of the compact including its peace-building and state-building priorities;
  4. Strengthen the statistics departments of the ministry of planning of the FGS to enable them to collect and analyze data, measure PSG outcomes, write reports and disseminate appropriate information.

Sub-Component 3.2: Developing basic policy management capabilities

This sub-component will support the following activities:

  1. Establish a policy coordination and monitoring oversight unit in the Office of the Prime Minister of the FGS to strengthen the department responsible for the function at office of the prime minister.
  2. Establish policy planning units in targeted ministries and agencies and develop their policy analysis and management capability;
  3. Strengthen the capacity development units in the Office of the Prime Minister of the federal government in the areas of staffing, training, office equipment and technical assistance to improve performance of their functions.

Sub-component 3.3: Strengthening leadership for change and delivery

This sub-component will support the following activities:

  1. Facilitate high-level review or retreat sessions at the top-level of government to build trust and consensus on priority reforms, strengthen a focus on results and resolve issues between agencies and across government;
  2. Build capacity of ministry-based reform teams to implement rapid results initiatives to advance organizational change processes and delivery of short-term results;
  3. Link rapid result initiatives to the tracking of progress at the centre of government;
  4. Design and implement a leadership development training and networking program for Ministers and Permanent Secretaries/Director Generals with a focus on promoting a new Civil Service culture; and
  5. Support the institutionalization of leadership training to ensure sustainability.