Component 4: Project management and coordination

This component will support the management, coordination and monitoring and evaluation of project activities. It will fund the following two sub-components:

Sub-Component 4.1: Project management

This subcomponent will support the following activities:

  1. Establish a central Project Coordination Unit in the Prime Minister’s Office at the federal government;
  2. Fund the salaries of key staff including Coordinators, Financial Management, Procurement, M&E and Communications Specialists;
  3. Build the capacity of institutions responsible for direct implementation of project activities; and
  4. Provide procurement of limited office equipment, furniture and essential logistics for managing the project.

Sub-Component 4.2: Demonstrating results

This sub-component will support the following activities:

  1. Develop capacity for regular monitoring and evaluation at different implementation levels of the project, including writing and disseminating reports on progress of implementation; and
  2. Finance an independent M&E consultant for verification of results and qualitative assessments of progress (e.g. improvements in line ministry capacity.