Contract Signature event for for the development of Civil Service Pay and Grading Policy

Today marked a big milestone at the Ministry of Labor in collaboration with the Somalia Capacity Injection Project. The Director General lead the meeting between the government Technical Reform Committee and the consultancy firm in the signing of the contract for Development of Civil Service Pay and Grading Structures, Systems and Administrative Procedures and Guidelines.

Rationale for Pay and Grading Reform

The changing nature and current dynamics in the compensation and benefits needs of the FGS require a strategic approach to address fundamental issues of pay and grading which has been left unattended to since the crisis of 1991. The current grading and pay procedures are inadequate. There is currently no system in place for job evaluation, internal equity definition, and grades do not allow for distinctions of different levels of responsibility

This assignment calls for an in-depth analysis of the current pay and grading policy and process regime to identify areas of strength and weakness and where improvements may be needed. The consultant is required to review current practices, policies, and procedures, and benchmark against countries with similar development characteristics as Somalia but with improved Public Service HR function particularly in the areas of job analysis, evaluation and classification, and remuneration and benefits management.