Establishment of a national training school

In the absence of the previously recognized training institute (SIDAM), the government decided that there was a need to train the Somali civil servants at the training school for Management and Public Administration at the Somali National University (SNU) which was established successfully under the Capacity Injection Project.

The Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) has committed itself to identify the training needs and the skills gaps of its staff by conducting a Training Needs Assessment (TNA) and a Skills Audit to determine performance gaps and recommend appropriate training and non-training interventions. To specifically address the core management and administrative functions of the government.

Somali national university

The Somali National University is the only public University in the country where students don’t pay a tuition fee. In order to strengthen the capacity of the School, it is where these training will be held.

School of Management & Public Administration

The School of Public Administration and Management has been established in 2015 and has since trained its civil servants from the FGS government institutions in their common function positions;

  • Human Resources
  • Admin & Finance
  • Procurement
  • Policy Planning
  • Monitoring & Evaluation. 

Sourcing an external training partner

In search of a potential in­stitutional partner that would support the Somali National University in designing a curriculum for short and long-term training modules. The FGS team visited the civil service colleges & institutions of five neighbouring countries to enter an external partnership with.

Partnership with an external training school

The FGS negotiated with Kenya School of Government (KSG) and signed an MoU implementation framework and entered a contract in 2020.

KSG is a State Corporation established to offer management training, research, consultancy, and advisory services to the public sector. Today it offers services to both National and County governments, private sector players as well as those from the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

The Kenya School of Government has started to undertake the role of strengthening the capacity of the School of Management and Public Administration (SMPA) to manage and deliver civil service training. The consultancy should enable SMPA to espouse a systematic and sustainable approach to training and development. It will also involve setting up of an E-Learning Centre to provide access to training programs and a rich repository of online materials to enrich learning.


The training programs aim to empower employees at all government institutions at various levels with the skills and know-how to execute their daily activities. And gain;

  1. Development of a National Training Policy for civil Servants of the FGS
  2. Training of Trainers course for 25 teachers
  3. Development of training modules and materials for 23 programs
  4. Development of curriculum guidelines
  5. Technical assistance for establishment of E-Learning Centre with E-books Library

The assignment was officially launched by the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, H.E Duran Ahmed Farah of the FGS on November 28th, 2020 and will close in December 2021.