Awareness workshop to assess and restructure all 39 Government ministries, departments & agencies

The National Civil Service Commission (NCSC) together with the Office of the Prime Minister had called for an awareness and sensitisation workshop to assess and restructure all 39 Government Ministries, Departments & Agencies (MDA’s).

The attendees consisted of senor heads who were given a platform to discuss how their institutions could best benefit from this much needed aspect of the reform.

The Minister of Labor & Social Affairs as well as the Chairman of the NCSC both spoke on this being the second phase of conducting the exercise under the reform (excluding 10 MDA’s that were previously finalized under the CIP). The reform has proposed a lot of changes. Not only by strengthening the capacity of the civil servants in the form of training to carry out their roles effectively but also through new ways of working that need to be in line with the way MDAs will operate.

CIP Coordinator emphasized the importance of restructuring and assessing these specific institutions in the areas where they are lacking in terms of standardized information and critical policy documents as to manage their workforce effectively.

The Deputy Prime Minister in his opening remarks believes that this process demands a well thought out and consistent approach and this effort must be centralized at the center of government to ensure complimentary mandates for MDAs. A complete overhaul of outdated systems and practices will be beneficial to the overall management in government as well as the rights of the civil servants that will be in place ensuring and safeguarding employee well being,

Also in attendance were the consultants contracted to conduct this change management process and shared their ‘strategy document’(approach and methodology) and will be working directly with the Director Generals, HR and Admin departmental heads.