Strengthening the capacity of the school at Somali National University

As part of the partnership with the Kenyan School of Government (KSG) a meeting was held by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs leading the way for policy guidance, accompanied by members of the National Civil Service Commission as well as the CIP Coordinator on the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two parties.

The main aim was to discuss some of the challenges anticipated with the conceptualization of the implementation framework of the MoU that the government team as well as the World Bank as the technical partner, wanted to bring to light before commencement such as; the development and frequency of the selected training programmes and courses in line with the school’s structure. The 15 different courses selected specifically centre around leadership programmes and management development to enhance the capacity of the public sector.

The trainings will be carried out by KSG together with the School of Management and Public Administration at the Somali National University (SNU) – being the public academic institution, as part of a skill transfer. As an expected outcome, the agreement specifies accreditation and certification between KSG and SNU upon completion of these courses.