Two-Day Validation Workshop

The CIP beneficiary institutions have previously worked with external consultants hired by the National Civil Service Commission to develop final draft policies. They have now all come together at a two-day validation workshop at Shabeel Resort to validate the following policies;

  • Performance management Framework & Appraisal System
  • Career Management & Scheme of Service
  • Coaching and Monitoring Policy & Program
  • Records Management Policy Framework

The purpose was to finalise these policies and frameworks and for these universal principles to be widely used as the standard values, norms, aspirations and practices which have been appropriately customised and adapted to suit the situations of respective FGS.

These policies and frameworks will apply to all Ministries, Departments & Agencies as part of a coordinated roll-out of basic cross-cutting administrative systems; and building ability to attract and retain capable, competent and well-motivated civil servants beyond the salary paid to them.