FGS Joint ‘Troika’ Projects Steering Committee

During the CIP implementation Support Mission in January, both the FGS and the World Bank expressed the need to establish a joint steering committee for the Troika projects (CIP, RCRF and PFM) in order to improve the collaboration among these projects working on the different but interrelated aspects of government reform agenda.

The CIP Project Coordination Unit therefore organised a Joint Steering Committee meeting together with the FGS Troika Project teams (RCRF, PFM, CIP) on 30th March 2019 at the Office of the Prime Minister. H.E Abdirahman Dualle Beileh, the Minister of Finance, chaired the meeting while other key ministers of the projects’ Steering Committee) and lead project representatives were also in attendance*

 It was an opportunity to enhance coordination among the World Bank implemented governance projects at their oversight and strategic levels. The committee members underlined the importance of reviewing and reforming existing FGS management structures of the Troika Projects and create synergy for strengthening the government’s role towards Troika projects decisions when necessary.

The Troika projects (RCRF, PFM, CIP) coordinators had briefed the committee about their respective project management structures and the difficulties of getting regular steering committee meetings and acknowledged that previous Steering Committees had not been effective. To deal with the issue of unnecessary cancellations, it has therefore been decided that the quorum for a meeting is attained when 50% of the voting committee members are present. Therefore, two levels of FGS management structures were proposed;

1) Reform Oversight Committee; chaired by the Deputy/Prime Minister which aims to provide a national vision for the reform agenda of the country and also guide issues that may require the highest decision-making/leadership of the government to get political support to drive the reform agenda. This will be held at least once a year.

2) The Troika Steering Committee; chaired by The Permanent Secretary of the Office of the Prime Minister and held quarterly. It will provide strategic guidance, advise on corrective measures, offer conflict resolution and be responsible for approving annual work plans and associated budgets of the respective projects among other things.

* Also in attendance:

  1. Minister of Planning, Investment & International Cooperation.
  2. Minister of Labour & Social Affairs, member of the Steering Committee
  3. Chairman of National Civil Service Commission, member of the Steering Committee
  4. PS, Office of the Prime Minister
  5. DG, Ministry of Finance
  6. DG, Ministry of Planning, Investment & International Cooperation
  7. DG, Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs