Establisment of a Technical Reform Committee

A Technical Reform Committee has been nominated by the Minster of Labor, Hon. Sadik Warfa composed of Director Generals, senior management officers, senior advisors from Ministry of Labor (MoLSA), National Civil Service commission (NCSC)  and Ministry of Planning and International Economic Development (MoPIED)  and  the Ministry of Finance (MoF) of the FGS. 

The meeting was the first meeting of the Technical Reform Committee and took place in the Ministry of Labor on 21st July 2019 and was chaired by the Minister of Labor & Social Affairs, H.E Sadik Warfa.

The members discussed the committee’s plans for the year 2019 in guiding and overseeing the many activities and policies that are developing in the civil service through the Capacity Injection Project. Acting as a bridge between top-level leadership of the government in order to implement policies and structures. 

Briefly, the Minister had highlighted the importance and the overall role of this Technical Reform Committee and envisioned that much can be achieved when unified and jointly commit to these tasks ahead.