FGS & World Bank Implementation Support & Restructuring Mission

The participants in the meeting were higher level government officials from both the FGS and Puntland State and the Bank’s team led by CIP Task Team Leader (TTL) Gregory Kisunko (CIP Task Team Leader) accompanied by World Bank Consultants, Gary Reid, Leonard (FM Specialist) and Francis (Procurement Specialist). The purpose of this joint discussion was to decide on the fate of the CIP project as part of the wider public administration reform strategies ongoing in the Somali civil service. As the end of the project is near, it is the responsibility of the government teams to think about what actions are to be taken now in order to complete the remaining activities and decide on the funds it needs in the case of an extension.

This joint restructuring meeting was a chance to reprioritise and listen to the discussions and together come up with a proposal for the restructuring plan. The World Bank senior leadership in Washington will then receive a justified proposal on the government’s behalf.  In this regard, the government teams need to plan out the objectives to be reached within a specific timeframe. It has been agreed that the World Bank team will then look at what can be done well and within the budget.

In the case where the government priorities might have changed, it was advised to look whether the National Development Plan and Project Development Objectives are still relevant and if so, to work out the costing implications of the remaining activities that are to be completed.