FGS & FMS Director Generals’ Retreat in Mogadishu

The Capacity Injection Project (CIP) under component 3 of the project, has facilitated a 5-Day Retreat on behalf of the Office of the Prime Minister for the Director Generals of the Federal Government of Somalia as well as the Federal Member States. This seminar held between 22- 26 October, was the first of it’s kind, spearheaded and chaired by the Permanent Secretary of the OPM, Ahmednur Mohamed Abdi with an aim to strengthen coordination mechanisms among the FGS MDAs and the FMS MDAs (Ministry, Department & Agencies).

The retreat was enriched by the expertise of several panels of notable experts as well as ministers of the FGS in the field of public administration and civil service management who discussed the government’s performance on the roadmaps’ milestones and its NDP, 2019 achievements and the challenges and lesson learned.

The government’s implementation of the roadmaps have been known to engage and bring together ministries and agencies that were not previously in contact and together managed to create an interconnect government workforce.

To share experiences among the FGS MDAs and FMS managements, the FGS teams shared the achievements and experience of FGS MDAs with regards to government performance and delivery tracking systems and procedures and tools.

The participants had all expressed that this was a long awaited gathering and awarded the PS for providing a platform for the DGs’ to exhibit and showcase the government’s performance, achievements and challenges. It was said that this type of event will be held twice yearly.